Sunday, June 1, 2008

Look What I Discovered!

While I was outside playing with Gus, the Big White Dog this afternoon, I was looking around the backyard to see what I would like to do with it this summer.

As you can see in the photo below, the area below our deck is in dire need of some real work. So I walked over to take a closer look at all the junk.

As I was looking at all the planters and imagining them overflowing with beautiful flowers, the straw in the upper right hand of the picture caught my eye.

I immediately realized there was a nest tucked away in the deck support beams. I cautiously peered closer.

The nest was larger than I first thought...

I bent down and looked up underneath and was surprised to see a beady eye looking back at me!

Isn't she cute? It's a robin and her nest. There's no way to find out how many eggs she might have inside but I'll be keeping a watchful eye from now on.

Here's a closer view.

A few weeks ago I was reading over at Kelli's House about her nesting birds on her back porch. I never thought I'd have my very own nesters.

And now that I have a new neighbor I'd really better get to cleaning up the neighborhood!

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Kelli said...

How exciting! What a pretty mama bird too!