Friday, May 30, 2008

Show & Tell Friday - Coffee Cups

It's been a little while but I'm once again participating in Kelli's Show & Tell this week. Kelli is always the perfect hostess and you'll always find something interesting at the party.

Today I thought I would share with you my simple collection of mugs. I feel so spoiled with having a mug for every mood.

Here's the one I was given 21 years ago. At our wedding reception my husband and I were given a set of mugs with our names on them. I've always treasured them and still think about the sweet couple that gave them to us. After all these years I'm amazed it's still in perfect condition.

Here's one that's perfect for tea...

This is my newest addition, and as you can see, I was sipping delicious coffee while photographing it. This was a .79 bargain at the second hand store. When I brought it home, my husband said, "That is so you!" I think I was smiling the whole time I was drinking this cup.

This dainty bone china cup was a birthday gift. It reads, "With God all things are possible." I like to drink from it when times are tough and I need to encourage myself in the Lord.

This is on the other side - a beautiful blue jay.

You might recognize this as Precious Moments and it is. Probably my most cherished cup because it says, "Love beareth all things." This was a gift from my husband on our honeymoon. When we are able to share some special time together in the morning, this is the cup I choose.

I hope I'm not the only one that selects their drinking cups based their history! Thanks for stopping by.


A Hint of Home said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks for stopping at my blog today and for your comments.
I love the second tea cup the best but they are all very cute.
Are you posted on the show & tell with Mr. Linky? If not try to hook up and the other bloggers will find you.
Have a great weekend.

Muum said...

cute cups, I particularly like the 79 cent bargain!

Seeb said...

Thank you for your visit and nice words,sure you can have my consultation in decorating if you like;).
your show and tell is really cute.I like all of them and the story behind.

Hello! said...

What a lovely collection! My sil collects vintage cups as well...Isn't it interesting how many kinds there are!

Jewelgirl said...

This is fun. Some people like
mugs, some like teacups. I always
see so many pretty cups at TJMAX,
and reasonable too! Guess I need
to get a few!

Anonymous said...

Your cups are so lovely! Thanks for sharing!


Kelli said...

What a sweet collection, Jessica! I especially love the one from your wedding reception.