Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Fun

Since Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, this week was time to begin some Christmas holiday decorating.

I invited a few young friends for the day to come help put up the Christmas tree...and what a fun time we had together.

With Christmas tunes playing in the background, we opened all the boxes of ornaments. My favourite part was when I heard squeals of, "Oh! I remember this one!" over and over again.

And then there was the silly singing.

And the power outage...(did we pay the bill? lol)

And finally, delicious homemade apple crisp baking in the oven for dessert.

After supper we all played games until we heard that fateful phrase...."It's time to go now."

Everyone was sad that our fun had come to an end. What's nice is that since the fun has had an early start, we'll have lots more days to celebrate the season.

What will you be doing to celebrate?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Sun!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look What's Coming Up Now....

First we cleaned out the sod...

And then on June 16th we added a mound of topsoil
and sowed a shallow row of sunflowers
that I had on hand from the bird feeder...

A few days later, on June 21st, hardy sprouts
began to poke through!!

July 6th

July 22nd

These are the wild ones that fell from the feeder
and were planted by the birds!
They were started about 3 weeks earlier and are
about 4.5 feet tall now

Today, July 24th

Gus is worried that he won't get to spy
on the neighbour dogs now!

Pretty soon these blossoms will be peeking through!

All the flowers of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds of today.