Friday, June 6, 2008

I Was Duped!

A few days ago I posted about the Bee Balm in my yard. It looks even more stunning today with dozens of blossoms in full bloom. The problem is I found out today that it's not really Bee Balm.

I was shopping at the garden centre picking up some 'super-duper, on-sale' tomato cages when I sauntered past the potted perennials. My eye caught one that has buds just like these ....

I quickly zoomed over to read the label. It said, "Bachelor Button!" Well, as a novice gardener I know that plants often have several names. But I quickly found out after a little online research that sure enough, the plant I have is indeed Bachelor Button.

To me, gardening is alot like the vitamin world. There's so much information "out there" and oftentimes there's conflicting advice for diagnosis or treatment. The same is true in the gardening world. So it's no small thrill to me to have found out the true name of one of my favorite plants in my garden.

What are your favorite things in the garden?


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Kelli said...

Oh my! What a beautiful picture! My favorite things in my garden right now are my nasturium that is blooming...I've tried growing them for years and finally had success. I love all of my ferns too. Have a wonderful weekend!