Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gus, The Big White Dog!

I'd like to introduce you to Gus. He was a special "Thank You Gift" from our friends in Nova Scotia and it wasn't long before we were buddies. As most puppies do, he started out as a fluffy ball of fur when he arrived at our home. He was full of energy and found interest in just about everything.

Now, seven years later, he's known as Gus, the big white dog as he weighs over 110 lbs. (He's even been a candidate to impersonate Clifford, the big red dog.) In our neighborhood everybody loves Gus. From time to time he escapes the fenced in backyard. That's when our phone begins ringing..."Hello, did you know Gus was loose and headed for the park?" Kids on bikes go on alert and head out to round him up. Just last summer he was returned to our home by a lady using her sweatshirt as a leash! It's great to have such wonderful neighbors and a pet that has the neighborhood wrapped around his paw!


Kelli said...

Gus is very handsome and he sounds like a fun friend!


Kelly said...

Hi Jessica!

I linked over from Mrs. Wilt's site - congrats on starting up a blog! Gus is totally adorable. :o)

Have a very blessed Christmas!