Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things That Really Matter

Since I mentioned in my Fresh Start post that I'd be using my Life's Good, Day by Day daily calendar, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into one of its sweet gems.

Today's topic is "Little Thoughts" and the title is Things That Really Matter.

* Always tell the truth.

* Be sure to have the facts before making a decision.

* Devote time to encourage others.

* Review and adjust personal priorities on a regular basis.

* Be financially responsible.

I wouldn't say that I never do any of these things but the truth is there is always room for improvement. And if I were perfectly honest, the times I "get in trouble" are the times when I let these things slip. I was encouraged by this little thought to remember to pay a bit more attention to detail. I am certain that attention will yield greater results for me and others in the new year.



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Tammy said...

They are all very good points!

Enjoy your day!