Friday, January 4, 2008

Show & Tell - Time for Tea

Hello and welcome again to Show & Tell Fridays. Skip on over (that is if you haven't over-indulged on the holiday sweets) to Kelli's to see all the great displays.

Today I'll be sharing with you my new handcrafted serving tray and some of my special teacups and pots. This Christmas my very talented brother and sister in law designed this beautiful serving tray.

They purchased a glass cutting board and set it into a custom made oak frame with handles. This has been one of my favorite presents this year as it has been used to transport all our Christmas goodies downstairs to the family room where we've been hiding out next to the woodstove. You'd be surprised just how many chocolate truffles will fit on this tray! Of course we had to make room for the plate of nachos because they were too hot to handcarry.

This tray will also serve me well when I have my neighbors and friends like you in for a cup of tea. And here are your selection of cups & pots to choose from:

This one has dogwood leaves on it.

I saw this at an auction and was a bit disappointed at first because I was outbid. I would have pressed on in the bidding but I hadn't had a close up look and wasn't sure if it was chipped or cracked. So I let it go. On the way out of the auction I paused at the cash out table and it just so happened that the lady who ended up with the set was there. I asked to see the cup & saucer and she gladly obliged. Then she offered me the chance to purchase it at her bidding price. When I saw what good condition it was in I humbly said yes. My heart was warmed at her generousity. I just love the pedastal legs on this cup. Here is the saucer. Isn't it lovely?

Here are a few of the others. I enjoy using each one because they all have a history or story behind them. The teapot in this picture came from my wonderful mother one day in the mail. It is stamped FTD on the bottom so I suspect that is was once used for a flower arrangement. Probably for mother's day one year. I don't know how old it is.

The outside of the cup on the left is milky pink to match its saucer and the inside of the cup is decorated with flowers and berries. It's so delicate. I found this at an auction about 7 years ago. Here's a close of up the inside and the saucer.

This next pretty cup and saucer was a gift from my mother in law a few years ago. She is precious and always knows just what I would like. I am so blessed to have such a precious lady for my mother in law.

This last one is probably my favorite of all. My wonderful husband surprised me with this set about 9 years ago for Christmas. It comes from a gift shop in Saint John, New Brunswick. I felt so spoiled and was honored that he went to such great lengths and time to find this treasure. It's just perfect for tea for two. I like the pretty flowers and the detail in the trimmings around the edges.

Once again thank you for spending a few moments here with me today. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to share a few of my sweet treasures with you.


P.S. Addendum...for those of you who've wondered....the tray is just glass cutting board that is pre-decorated like these.


Judy said...

What beautiful pieces.

Barbara H. said...

I adore that tray! Just beautiful! And the tea cups are lovely.

Gattina said...

This tray is gorgious and you must have a very nice coffee table for your guests with all these beautiful cups and dishes !

Hootin' Anni said...

How stunning are your cup/saucer collections! And that serving tray, why I was flabbergasted to read it was a tray instead of a framed picture!! Beautiful. Cardinals are my favorites. An awesome Show N Tell this week.

Penless Thoughts said...

What beautiful, lovely, dainty china pieces.

ellen b. said...

Your tray and all your tea treasures are wonderful! Blessings as you enjoy them all...

nannykim said...

Love the tray and the cups/ did they do the painting for the tray or was it some kind of picture they found?

MammyT said...

Beautiful things! I love the dogwood and the one with the large roses. I like the brush strokes! The tray is a wonderful idea. I love trays. I never have enough. I'll have to get somebody busy on that.

Martie said...

What a unique idea with the tray and the cutting board. (I think I would like to use my glass cutting board more that way than to cut - I hate how loud it is when the knife hits it!)

Your favorite tea set (the last one) would be mine too. How beautiful.

Thanks for sharing,

Linda said...

Your Christmas tray is very nice. I loved seeing all you pretty teacups.. and sipping tea from a pretty cup makes it special. Enjoy, Linda

Tammy said...

First I was drooling over the truffles and nachos...then you had to throw tea cups there is a lake on my!

I'm a sucker for tea cups!

I'm so glad to visit with you today!

Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

I just love the tell part of Show and Tell. I enjoyed the stories behind your treasures. How many truffles do fit on that tray? Your tea sets are lovely.
Kathy b

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow! Another big bonus with your Show and Tell! Any one of those would have made a great S&T alone! I just love tea cups and saucers, and tea pots. All of those are so beautiful, and dainty! The tray is very pretty too! Thanks for sharing!