Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

And everything's in bloom...

(Click to enlarge)

Can you tell what the S R stands for? Hope you're having lots of summer fun.



BECKY said...

Hi Jessica! I LOVE all your blooms and strawberries! I have pretty shrubs, but only a couple of rose bushes for added color! I really need to do something about that!! So many "to dos"!!

You're killing me! What does it stand for! My tired brain can't think of anything! LOL!

Hope you have a joyful week, gal!

Daisy said...

I bet it stands for strawberry rhubarb! Ok, now where's my 5 bucks..LOL!

Jessica said...

Thanks Becky!

Jessica said...

You're right, Daisy! Stop by and I'll give you a slice. LOL.