Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Danger is Past...

of frost that is...Spring is in full bloom in our region and what a sight it is.

(Bachelor's Button - click to enlarge)

However, few things lend itself to more angst to a gardener than the danger of frost. I just read a story the other day about apple farmers being cautiously optimistic about this season following a few tense weeks of worrying that an early frost could wipe out their crop.

(Gerber Daisy - visited by an ant)

A mild spring meant apple trees were about three weeks ahead of schedule, putting them at risk for frost damage.

One wise farmer, David Coburn, said, "
In a way, there's not a lot I can do as a farmer.
It is in God's hands and we have to leave it at that, and it's looking pretty good."

(Mini Gerber Daisy)

And even though my livelihood doesn't depend on a successful crop, it still takes some planning and a watchful eye over the garden during the spring months.

After consulting the frost calendar for our region this past weekend, I put together a few containers of flowers and purchased my tomato plants. The calendar reported that the danger of frost would be past after May 26th, but there still could be a RISK of frost for two more weeks past that.

Aaahhh. Risk is so much more palatable. I can worry a lot less about my tender plants with the word 'risk.'

Whether it's finding the proper location for a certain flower to thrive, finding creative ways to combat garden pests, or just trying to avoid the risk of minor back injuries,
most dedicated gardeners will say there is some risk involved.

But it's been my experience when I sit down at the end of a long day of
digging in the dirt, and look over the beauty and fragrance of the garden, that the satisfaction that comes makes it all worthwhile.


(Dahlia - one day later in full bloom)

But as David Coburn said, "
It is in God's hands and we have to leave it at that."

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Karla Dornacher said...

Hi Jessica... thanks for you sweet comment about my art bag... it was a fun project and I LOVE using it! And don't you just love to see things... and people... be transformed... God is good! Enjoy your flowers... very pretty...