Friday, October 2, 2009

Painting Fun

This past Tuesday I invited some friends over for a little painting fun... two moms and three daughters. The fun began around 1:30.

As my guests arrived I finished setting out the supplies while J. prepared a delicious pot of chai tea for us to enjoy. It was especially nice since the weather was threatening rain and tea is always cozy on a rainy day!

I had been asked to show them how to tole paint so I planned a simple project that would be inexpensive but would also demonstrate some basic techniques for beginners.

In my basement I found some old canning jars. They were washed and clean.

Then I selected an easy pattern that is fun to do.
... Snowmen!!

(click to enlarge photo)

I've never taught a group to paint before and I was amazed at how each project, even though we used the same pattern, took on its own uniqueness. It was easy to see the personalities of each painter shine through on their finished jar.

Jars like these can be used as candle holders by putting a ramekin cup in the top with a candle and a ribbon tied around the rim. Or the jar can be filled with some treasure or treat and the top covered with fabric and ribbon.

We were done from start to finish in about 3 hours. What a great way to have passed the afternoon with friends - and home in time for supper!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by - tomorrow is the next meeting of our Friends For Life class for girls ages 7-15. We'll be working in the kitchen so stay tuned to hear the details!



Mrs. Julie Fink said...

these are so adorable. i wish i could have been there! i would love to learn how to tole paint :).

Cinnamon said...

What fun~ I always like dropping in to see what you're up to. Such good ideas.


ALPJewellery said...

What a great project! I wish I had teenies so I could paint some too - heck, maybe I'll just try it anyway! Nice blog :)