Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Finishing Touches

Today I've been putting the third coat of varnish on the spindles and handrail for our renovated front entrance stairs.

Ever since we bought our home 7 years ago we have known that our front stairs were a bit of a hazard. Apparently the builder seemed to have just covered up the "temporary" stairs and they were never the right size. Quite a few people have taken a tumble or tripped on them and even I had a big crash episode a few years ago.

They were carpeted at the time and in my hurry I fell flat on my face down to the bottom. Ouch! The funny thing was that my husband was in the car waiting with the engine running and the front door was locked because I was going to exit out through our garage. He couldn't hear my cries for help and I was stuck under all the things that I had been carrying in my arms. I yelled and yelled and then finally as he came to see what was taking me so long he realized my predicament. Ever since then we have wanted to redo this area of our home.

So now the time has come and we're almost finished. I hope by the end of this week to be able to show you the stairs. Our next step will be to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tile and put up the baseboard trim.

And now that the wood is drying I'm off to make a few visits this afternoon. One will be to a dear young couple whose newborn baby is in ICU with an irregular heartbeat. Please pray for this little one.


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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

So glad you are able to take care of this problem! enjoy a great day.