Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
A day of celebration and gifts for the young and old!

This Mother's Day I've been busy with a new hobby called Holiday Gift Consultant for the Young and I'm having so much fun.

Let me tell you how it started.
Last Wednesday a 10 year old boy in my Sunday school class approached me with the following question:

"Remember how you helped me pick a gift for
my mom last year at Mother's day?
Well, I was hoping you could help me again."

I was blessed to be able to say "Yes," and we worked together on the perfect gift idea. He told me his budget was $6.00 (after I explained what a budget was :-0) and I let him know what could be done for that amount.

I told the young man that recently I had gone to the garden center and had bought some pansies and dusty millers (4 for $1.49). I could purchase a nice planter at the dollar store and with everything together, make a sweet dish garden for under $6.00.

I also reminded him that he would need to provide the gift card but that I would arrange to have the planter gift wrapped. He happily agreed. We finalized our delivery arrangements and then I went to work.

When I asked the young man this morning how he liked the gift I created he told me that it was even better than he had imagined it would be! Whew!

Who knew that a little gardening hobby could help foster a young boy's love for his mother?

Have a sweet Mother's Day!



Mrs. Julie Fink said...

i love this! happy mother's day to you!

Cinnamon said...

What a special treat you gave that little boy! I love to heat stories like this and what a fabulous idea!