Monday, April 6, 2009

A Week of Longlasting Blessings

I've just recovered from spending a week at our regional Youth Conference! This is my absolute favorite week of the year and I'm so spoiled to be able to get to go even though I'm too old to go as a teen. The preaching, music and fellowship was outstanding! We were all sad to say goodbye at the end!

It all started on Saturday, March 14th when a group of almost 20 teens from a church in the US arrived at our home to spend the weekend! But this was no ordinary group of teens. Many of them were the children of parents who were in the youth group that my husband pastored many years ago. I could hardly hold back the tears as I greeted them. Most of the kids were just toddlers and young children when we left our church for Canada 10 years ago so you might imagine the difficulty we had identifying who was who!

For two days and nights we got reacquainted and then Monday morning we were off.

As with most teen conferences there were games - Some were pretty gross,

And some were just plain fun!

With the theme for the week, "The 60's 70's, & 80's - What Were They Thinking?" The nightly skits were just crazy! We were reminded just how fashions come and fashions go. (And thank goodness some are gone forever!!!!)

I even had the privilege of hosting the Junk Food Emporium for the 10th year, the place where everyone comes to spend their hard-earned money on junk food. For me it's not just a snack shop but a place where I get to meet the young people one on one and learn more about them and their personalities.

And wouldn't you know a visitor came who was deaf and I was asked to interpret for him! This was exciting for me because I've had conversations with deaf people before but never have I had to interpret. What a different kettle of fish that was. And today I heard that that man has been back to that church! What a blessing.

So, sleeping on a classroom floor with an air mattress, late nights, early mornings, and getting out of my regular routine were small sacrifices to make in order to invest in the lives of others!

This is why I love Youth Conference! I'm already looking forward to next year.



BECKY said...

Oh Jessica, sounds like you had a blast!! I worked with middle school and senior high youth for years, and LOVED it!! Our denomination has a large youth conference every three years called "Life" that I so enjoyed and have very fond memories of.

It's so neat that you got to reconnect. I still get Christmas cards from a couple of youth from back then...such a blessing.

May God bless you as you serve Him, and as you support your hubby in his service to God.

Blessings and joy,

Little Lady Cakes said...

Is that a toilet? hahaha.