Friday, June 13, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

This past week I finally got around to cleaning out under the back deck. It's not completely ready for a write up in Better Homes and Gardens but it sure is a step in the right direction.
You might recall that I told you the other day that I discovered a robin's nest tucked away under the decking.

CarefullyI began removing the junk stored underneath the deck, so as not to disturb Momma bird and her babies.

After finding proper homes for my important stuff....this is what it looks like now....

And Momma bird was still resting peacefully.

However, the next day when I was working in the backyard, minding my own business, Momma bird gave me a big surprise. She began to swoop over my head as if she had a personal vendetta against me. What I didn't realize was that her babies had been born and she was into serious protection mode.

The first time it happened I thought it must have been a misguided flight pattern. But as I was close to the nest, I heard the babies chirping for their food and I began to put the puzzle pieces together. I quickly backed away from the deck and headed inside (looking all around like an army commando on maneuvers.) As I reached the top of the stairs and started for the dining room sliding door, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. Momma bird was on a mission and she had me in her sights!

Sure enough, she dive-bombed me again! I did what every other self respecting girl would do. Let out a squeal, waved my arms around and made a beeline for the door!

Safely inside, I peaked out and snapped this photo!

In order to recover from all the trauma, I made myself a heartwarming cup of coffee, sat down and googled robins. I found out that I could expect another 14 days of competition between me and Momma bird in the backyard! She and I have been eyeing each other every day since. Monday I wore my canvas sun hat to mow the lawn. The mower had never gone so fast across the yard - I'm sure my neighbors thought I was doing trials for the local engine races!

Only a few more days to go....



Constance said...

After 14 days you can go back outdoors and admire all of the work you put into clearing all of that stuff out! Here in Texas we have territorial Mockingbirds that dive bomb you the same way! I have seen them swoop down at a cat crossing the street and laugh as the cat literally doesn't realize what has just happened to them! Happy Birding!

Hootin' Anni said...

I live in Texas too, so I know what Constance means about 'dive bombing'. LOL

I love the photo of your dog AND the close up of the robin!

What a great show n tell.

Barbara H. said...

I am glad you avoided her attacks! It's nice to know things will settle back down shortly.

Gattina said...

How cute ! Mother robin attacks you to protect her babies ! lol ! I just try to imagine how you mowed the lawn in high speed !

Wanita said...

It really is rather frightening to be dive-bombed by a protective mother robin. It's happened to me, too.

I can imagine that you just wanted to get the lawn mowed as fast as you could, and I'm sure you'll be glad when mama robin is no longer in protective mode!

Have a wonderful weekend.

nannykim said...

I experience the same thing each year from Mocking birds in our area. They protect for quite some distance at times!! They also attack cats. They can certainly scare you if you are taking a walk and don't realize they are in the area!

Starr said...

I'm sorry, but that was too funny imagining you mowing the lawn like that! I hope you intended this to be funny, because it sure was! Thanks for the laugh. And hopefully your "trauma" will be over soon and you can once again enjoy your backyard!