Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The List...

Last Friday evening I participated in an official piano recital and even though I have played piano for several years, this was a first for me. Was I a little nervous? Yes. But in hindsight I realized it wasn't so much a nervousness relating to whether or not I could play the selected pieces perfectly, but rather an excitement about accomplishing something that I had dreamed about for a long time.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the idea of having a list of 50 -100 things to accomplish in your life before you die, sometimes called a 'bucket list." Well, I've never officially made a bucket list but with the new year approaching I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing. Especially for those of us who have a continual running list of 'things to do.'

I find January is often a good time to tackle those unseen projects, most of which just need a little 'umph!" to get done. There's something to be said for the newness of the year acting as a catalyst to spur us on to deeds undone.

So, after checking with my heavenly Father, this Christmas I will be outlining some dreams and desires to be attempted in the coming year. I'll probably start out small - like with 10. Some will be easy and some not, but all within reason. Some will be about 'things' and some will be about 'people' and some will just plain be about me -- because I'm just not satisfied with the status quo. I guess you could say that my motto for the new year will be, "Keep Pressing On!"

Philippians 3:14
I press toward the mark for the prize
of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Merry Christmas,

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