Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Late Summer Vacation

Three weeks ago two families arrived from the US to help our church with a construction project. One couple has grown children and the other has three young teen daughters; perfect company to go on a trip to the famous Prince Edward Island and visit all things Green Gables.

So this past Monday the mothers, daughters and a friend of mine's daughter, who just celebrated her 9th birthday, packed a picnic lunch and began our journey to the beautiful Island.
The sun was shining, there was not a cloud in the sky and you could feel only the slightest of a breeze. We were all excited about the delights that were before us.

As we neared the island we stopped to take a few photos before going over the Confederation Bridge.

The view was spectacular across the Northumberland Strait.

When we arrived on the Island we were greeted by the Gateway Village. It's a small village of shops, eateries along with an information and tourist building. We stopped inside the information bureau to pick up some details of the things we were interested in seeing.

Our next stop was the quaint town of Summerside. We stopped at the College of Piping where we picked up a few gift items for family back home.

Next we drove across the island to the birthplace of Lucy M. Montgomery, author of the Green Gables series. The home was small and cozy. Today it is a museum with a knowledgeable curator and filled with memorabilia from Lucy. There is a small entrance fee which helps care for the home and grounds.

The curator was only too happy to answer any questions.

By this time it was time to have our picnic lunch. We headed to Cavendish beach where we parked our vehicle and walked to the dunes. The sand was warm beneath our feet as we climbed through the seagrass to find the perfect spot to rest.
We found a sheltered sandy place way up high where we could see out over the ocean for miles and miles. Simply breathtaking!!

And just over this knoll...

We found this...

The perfect spot for daydreaming.

We wandered around, splashed in the water and imagined big ships sailing up the coast. The dark part of the rocks was extremely slippery - I almost took a surprise swim
in the ocean but was rescued by my dear friend Abigail.

It was hard to tear ourselves away but there were many more sights to see, so after about an hour we put our shoes back on, gathered up the remnants of our picnic lunch and said goodbye to the beautiful rocks and ocean.

About a mile or so up the road was the Green Gables visitor center. For those of you who may not be aware, this is the home where Lucy M. Montgomery was inspired to write the Anne series. Once you visit it's easy to see how someone could create such a beautiful story and characters.

After paying our off-season entrance fee we entered the center where a short movie about the life of the author was shown. At the end of the movie the doors opened and we were free to visit the home and grounds for as long as we liked.

The gardens were full of blossoms, especially these wild roses which gave a rich scent.

A glimpse of the parlour,

The kitchen stove,

The pantry...

The HUGE barn!

A cow that did not give milk!

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Green Gables. Everyone had a wonderful time.

On the final leg of our journey took us to the city of Charlottetown where we shopped at the Green Gables Store and sampled chocolates and raspberry cordial at the famous Anne's Chocolates.
We strolled down to the wharf where we did a little more shopping and then it was time to say farewell to this beautiful island and head home

The time flew all too quickly and I can't wait to go again and visit this amazingly beautiful island.


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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

this is so beautiful! i really want to go there myself. i'm so glad that you and your friends were able to go and enjoy such a beautiful place.