Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Under Construction

Our home is under construction. Won't you join me for a little tour?

No hopping on the old couch.
The railing is removed to be stripped and restained to

be more compatible with our new living room floor.

Here's a little protective plastic....
there's way too much dust in here

but I know it won't be long.

The main object was to make more room in our front
by moving the entire door and window
3 & 1/2 feet out closer to the street.

Here's a snapshot with the new wall in place before we tore down the old.

The brick surrounding the outside was removed and
with matching siding.
We also designed the new door and window trim

which saved us nearly 1/2 the cost of prefab trim.

Thanks for taking a look at our renos, stay tuned for the finished product (hopefully soon). Have a pleasant week.