Sunday, January 4, 2009

Special Guest Post by... Gus

Hi, my name is Gus, the Big White Dog and I'm guest-posting today. I'm usually known around here as "The Pampered Pup." I have to tell you that a few days ago I was given the shock of my life. It seems that while I was outside exploring the backyard, I was hoodwinked out of my comfy wall to wall carpeting. I couldn't find a comfortable place to relax anywhere!

Even the furniture disappeared and was replaced with ghost-like characters! I was so disappointed that I couldn't break any more Christmas tree ornaments with my big swishy tail!

Boy, was I relieved on Christmas morning to find a gigantic fluffy pillow for me to enjoy a little comfort! It took me a couple of days to figure out how to get myself to where I could fit on the pillow. At first I just wanted to take a load off my paws. But after a few tries I managed just fine...I even got it flipped over to the right side!

Here on my new perch I've resigned myself to accept the fact that that old stinky carpet isn't coming back.

And, there's probably a few more changes in store around here but at least I can still claim the title, "The Pampered Pup."

Happy trails from Gus, the Big White Dog...


Carla said...

Gus you rock the block!!!! (AND your people's floor looks pretty good too:)

Nancy M. said...

I came by for a visit through Ladies of Grace. I enjoyed your big white dog. We love our two English Cocker Spaniels as well. I love your background of coffee. I enjoy coffee with cream but Starbucks is my special treat. Thanks for the visit!
mrs. m.