Monday, January 28, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise

Today was a very snowy day in our neighborhood. Let's just say it has been snowing since 9 am and it's still going strong at midnight!

Around 3:00pm hubby got all bundled up and braved the cold and blowing snow to begin some removal of it. He timed it perfectly because that's just about the time the street plow showed up.

Now, we have 2 wonderful neighbors and it's just sort of evolved that Neighbor Mr. K., who has the snowblower, is willing to let us and Neighbor Mr. D. use it whenever we want. Like I said, we have great neighbors.

So at 3:00pm hubs began snowblowing. He cleared our driveway, Neighbor Mr. K.'s driveway and Neighbor Mr. D.'s driveway - and around 4:00 he came in looking like the Abominable Snowman, all white and frosty.

As he was just beginning to thaw out, I looked out the front window and from across the street here comes Neighbor Mrs. K. and their 5 year old son R. I quickly rushed to the door to greet them wondering why on earth they would be out to visit on such a stormy day.

Apparently little R. is a very thoughtful boy. He brought over a bag of Cheetos, a bag of Snickerdoodles and a very nice stainless steel travel mug full of hot chocolate for my husband - because these are the things that he would have liked had he been out doing all that hard work! What a treasure! We've stopped talking about how much snow there is and now we just keep saying, "What a nice boy R. is."

We are so spoiled! And we love it!



Julie Fink said...

God blessed your husband who was such a blessing to others!

Chyrll said...

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