Monday, December 17, 2007

Simple Christmas Curtains

For several months now I've been looking out my kitchen window that didn't have any window dressing at all. The curtains that used to be hanging there were worn and falling apart and to be honest, the style didn't really match the rest of the kitchen.

Like most people, it just wasn't in the budget to go buy new ones so I dug through my stash of material. I found some really cute Christmas bears that were left over from when I made aprons for my great-nieces a couple of years ago.

So, I began to measure and decided that they would be wide enough to just cover the window. I used my rotary cutter to make the panels. I just love how easy the cutter is to use compared to scissors!! Zip, zip and it's cut.

See the teddy bears!!! They're everwhere!

Then I pressed the edges to the proper seam allowances.
Ten lines of sewing and *poof*, they were done. All in all it took me just an hour and now I have a little touch of Christmas in my kitchen.

Here they are pulled closed for privacy.

I added a couple of tie backs for the daytime. Here they are pulled open so I can see all the snow in the daytime and watch Gus the Big White Dog play in the snow in the backyard. Believe me, we have lots! (2 feet +)

It was awfully nice of you to take the time to read about my little project. Now I just hope I'll be able to get some "new" curtains in the new year.

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